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I am an extremely nostalgic person, in a way this gifts me my interest in exploring history; but on the flip side, this makes me quite sentimental about absolutely everything in the past. Especially these few days, I don't know if it's my homesick, the anxiety of my first college finals, my post-exam overindulgent fun, or maybe the far-fetched frigidness of the Canadian Winter, a mix of deep-seated sentiments floods my thoughts everyday. When I was looking through my old photo back in September, this mixed feeling stroked me relentlessly. I was about to cry, and there is no rationale behind it. I can only blame it on me being too nostalgic.

#EMfashion: Fashion Week Calculations

    This September was one hectic fashion week for me, not only I could not go to any of the fashion shows, I also have to adjust my life into University of Toronto. Surprisingly, amongst endless lectures and tests, I have found my niche for fashion. Before each lecture when I was waiting, I would go to "" to catch up all the latest photos and reviews. Thank you so much "", you are my savior.

    From all the mathematics I have been cramming lately, I think I am growing a calculative mind.(who am I kidding, I am a liberal arts student, I am never good at math) After looking at some of the collections from four fashion weeks, I have this great realization about the inspirations behind the collections, and those can be demonstrated by these mathematical functions.


#EMfashion: Atypical Fall Items


     From early this year's Fall/Winter fashion week, we can indubitably foresee the crazy mayhem of 2014's fall style. Since basically every designer choose to take risks on their collections, this venturesome idiosyncrasy reflects on the street and in each fashionistas' closet.

    So here are the four most peculiar yet hottest fall/winter items that I am seriously considering to purchase them. 

#EMtravel: Short but Sweet - Beijing Travel Diary

Beijing is a place I've been to too many times before.
Because of that, I decided to toss the typical Beijing route away 
( for instance: the Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, the Olympic Park, etc.) , and reckon this city in my own way.

#EMmusic: Taylor Swift "Shakes" the "Country" Off.

I rarely wake up at 5 in the morning, especially during my summer vacation; I do so, only for the A-list things. Taylor Swift's Yahoo live stream could count as one of them. After the stream, frankly, it's pretty much an information overload.
Unlike other crazy, diehard fans that grieve for Swift's official departure of Country music; I was pretty rational about this new song - "Shake it Off". 

#EMfashion: Hereditary Beauty


        The cover of September Issue has always been a smokeless war, it's an immense responsibility and honor to land on the cover of any September issue. As a result, the hottest celebrities or the most-welcomed models are invariably the common choices for cover girls. However, on the Harper's Bazaar's September cover, the casting is rather unorthodox. The cover girl - simply hearing the name "Emma Ferrer" doesn't ring a bell at all, but the way she looks did reminded me of someone. She looks a lot like my fashion icon - Audrey Hepburn to me.

#EMfashion: Relate to Success


       Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid are two household names around America, probably from their appearance in their family's reality television gigs. Frankly, I was surreptitiously following the two hot shows -- Keeping up with the Kardashians, and the Real housewives of BH, and I have to confess it was quite exhilarating to watch the conflicts and quarrels between "the rich and famous". After these many seasons, I have designated Kendall and Gigi as two of those TV personalities like their family members, but they suddenly all appeared on runways of some major fashion shows or the cover of renowned magazines. So I couldn't help but wonder, do they really have what it takes to be a proper model? If so, is transformation like this will become a usual phenomenon in the future? or their families are just more "relatable" to success in general. 

#EMlifestyle: How to Live Like Miranda Kerr?

Glancing through Miranda Kerr's instagram account, I was so fascinated (and frankly a little bit jealous) by the spirited, and simply PERFECT lifestyle she has.

If we look closer behind this picture perfect life, it's actually not that hard to live like Miranda Kerr.
Here, I break down the life of Miranda into ten small lessons. 
When you achieve all of them, your life would be just as flawless as Miranda's.

#EMmusic: Gaga Goes Lady with the Help From Tony Bennett

      What a surprising Monday, especially in the music industry. When I watched "Today", and heard Gaga and Mr. Bennett announcing their new collaboration "Cheek to Check", I was not that convinced.

Miss Dior Exhibit - In My Opinion

If you follow Elysian Mind for a while, 
you may know that I recently paid a visit to Shanghai for a little #interfriendtion trip.
Before the trip, I have heard so many amazing compliments about this exhibition from my Shanghai friends, so I could not wait to discover the secret of Miss Dior myself.
And now, I am offering you a closer look at the exhibition; 
plus, a few random thoughts of my own after the visit.

#EMfashion Monthly Vogue Digestion: American Vogue August

A good magazine cover can tell a story;
but it takes tons of, millions of works from 
the sitting editors,
the photographers,
the models,
and even the celebrities
in order the capture the right moment.

This section is not only a place to critique the editorials,
but also a place to cherish the brilliant works done by those admirable people.
(And hopefully, I can become one of them)

Vogue Aug 2014 - Blake Lively

#EMtravel: Shanghai Photo Diary

Shanghai Day 3:
 Oriental Pearl Tower
Shanghai Urban Museum

Ray of light

A panorama view of the skyline from the center of Lujiazui.

#EMtravel: Hangzhou Photo Diary

Hangzhou Day 1:
Settling Down,
A walk to a very enigmatic and exotic street,
And a Japanese dinner.

Feeling overexcited, 
so I covered myself in black to tone myself down.

The View from my beautiful resort.

#EMfashion: Taylor Swift's Evolution

Maybe it was the VS fashion show performance last year, or the parting to Nashville, or the new haircut; Taylor Swift's style has also elevated into the next level.

Recently, I've been glancing through the paparazzi shots of Taylor. I am amazed by how much her personal style has changed when she is in New York. As if this city has glammed her up instantly. Cropped top, more skin, more flamboyant colors...Taylor literally turned NY into her runway. 

Every time, at the front of her apartment, paparazzi would wait faithfully for another comparatively shocking look.

Summer Beach Necessity --- Cover-ups

Summer is, personally, my favorite season, because of the shorts, tees, and the beach.
Right! Who doesn't love the beach!?
Sun-tanning, swimming, and body-staring... the list of pros for the beach can go on.
So, as a fashion blogger, 
when I am lying on a bench at the beach, I am always observing;
not the hot bods, but the clothes people choose to wear

Cover-up is a hugely important part for a complete outfit at the beach. 
It's irresponsible to miss it out. 
Cover-up can not only cover your body when you are not in the water, but it also gives you a second layer of sunscreen. 

4.1 Arts on the Runway

Colors are essential for spring and summer, chromatic garments always have the magic to lighten up the whole look. In the past, designers tend to use flowers or geometric prints to retain the upbeat atmosphere in their SS collections. Surprisingly, what better way to incorporate colors in to fashion than artworks. The vibrant colors and abundant connotation behind the paintings are the best methods to evoke optimistic feelings for this spring. Designer houses like Chanel and Prada have sough this trend coming and iconoclastically embody it into their designs. 

4.0 Arts in Fashion

After watching the 2014 Spring/Summer collections in last October, a massive amount of artworks was fused in this season’s womenswear. Designers started to utilize garments as canvases and depict their artistic visions of spring and summer. In the SS ready-to-wear show by Chanel, the chromatic crepe dresses caught my eyes instantly. It’s like a color boom bursted on a white skirt, the color prints, the accentuation on the waist line, and the float of the dress impressed me. This is the reason why I put the Chanel girl on the banner on top, and why I used this April photo shoot to somehow duplicate the amazingness of Karl Lagergfeld.

3.3 Nautical Chic, you can have it too!

After seeing all the fabulous runway look of every designer house, nautical chic played an important role in the spring and resort collection. But, as a normal middle class housewife or a normal high school student like me, it’s hard to afford all the luxurious items. As a responsible fashion blogger, it’s not cool to not include some affordable tips to be nautical chic this spring. All the clothes I will recommend you are all reasonably priced high street brands. Let’s begin!

First, navy white and blue are irreplaceable in a nautical chic look. Shop around at HM or Zara, it’s not hard to find some great blue or white items. For instance, a pair of blue slim fit pencil pants or blue bell bottom. Don’t be afraid to try bell bottom this spring, any oversize pieces will  add a flare of carefree and casual vibe to your look which is very seductive. Spring is a season of shedding the layers, however, keeping a touch of oversize sweaters is a reminiscing of the winter time. Hence, shop those items girls! you need them!

H&M spring ad featuring the breton

3.2 Resort 2014 - Anchor Away

Nautical Chic, one of the great reinventions from Gabrielle Chanel, has reigned the resort (pre-spring) collection continuously for decades. This year, nonetheless, this trend became ever more prevalent, virtually every designer house’s 2014 resort collection(and most of the spring and summer ready-to-wear collection) is overwhelmed with the smell of the ocean. Here are two nautical elements in some of my favorite collections.

3.1 Nautical Chic: The Origin

Nautical chic is a truly timeless beauty, from early twentieth century to present, it has been invented and reinvented by many extraordinary fashion designers and fashionistas for decades. Literally, anything can last that long must have something phenomenal about it. Now, lets go back in time, and have a look on the transformation this perpetual trend.

March Theme: Nautical Chic

As an old but perpetual style, nautical trends has blown back to the public once more by the amazing 2014 spring and summer collections. Years ago, Mademoiselle Chanel saw a couple of sailors on shore wearing tees with blue and white stripes on; and transformed it into a wearable, yet fashionable womenswear. 

With the fleetingness of time, this stroke of genius is reincarnated in 2014’s spring trend. Utilizing the most essential colors of Nautical Chic — navy blue, and navy white. Several designers, such as Michael Kors, Raf Simons, or Diane Von Furstenberg, feature these two colors greatly in their collection; further accessorize with bags and sandals, it truly looks like the models are going to go on a holiday in Hampton.

To campaign this sailor look, a special guest/one of my best friend, Lucy Huang is willing to model for the big March photo shoot. (Finally, I don’t have to be the model); nonetheless, as the creative director, and the photographer now, I have more pressure on me since it’s my first time shooting a editorial photo shoot. 

There are two sets of ensembles in this shoot, the sailor stripes and the immaculate white. They are both carefully chosen with references to the actual designers’ spring collection. 

Thus, in the rest of March, I will be expanding this idea of Nautical Chic, discuss it’s history, it’s modern incarnation, and some approachable methods to incorporate it into your Spring looks.

So… stay tune, and enjoy the rest of the shoot.

Fashion Weeks Roundup

The four fashion weeks just had their grand finale days ago. I have been cramped all my crazy comments about this year's runway shows for so long. Thus, this is a roundup to everything I saw during this a couple of crazy-busy months. 

2.4 Celebrity perfume - an essential on stardom

In 21st century, the definition of celebrity transformed into a brand. Right, just like a merchandise, celebrities themselves need reshaping, packaging, and marketing. To let more people know them, those household names started to sprawl their arms over other industries; one of the branches is Perfume. 

2.3 Best Gift to Your Lover or to Yourself - Perfumes for Him

2.3 Best Gift to Your Valentine or to Yourself - Perfumes For Her

“Valentine's Day is coming!”  This news might exhilarate the lovebirds, but also upset some lonely souls like me. Whether you are in love or not, perfume is a timeless gift for both yourself and your significant other. Based on research, nearly 50% of people would purchase perfumes on this day. Now, to get you ready for the big V, here are some recommendations for you; I am sure after viewing our professional suggestions, you will find the impeccable fragrancce that suits him/her like a glove.

2.2 BANG by Marc Jacobs - "Fierce, Piercing, Captivating"

Recently, I’ve been baffling about purchasing a new cologne, because I ran out of my old one. From my previous posts, you can see that I am a big fan of traditional, proper, and vintage clothes, so for my perfume, I would usually choose a sophisticated, composed, traditional men’s perfume, like Burberry “London” which was the last one I used. It was a very understated, yet seductive scent which exactly rhymed with the spirit of London the city, and the plaid fabric around the bottle was quite a genius touch.

2.1 Where It All Started - Chanel No.5

Indisputably the king of the perfumes, the supreme of them all, the masterpiece of Coco Chanel, it’s Chanel No.5.

Intro: Perfume

I had this weirdest dream last week. I was walking on the street of Paris in 1920s wearing the outfit straight from the cover of “Oliver Twist” - simply a flat cap, a suspender, and a dirty white shirt which was dampened by my sweat. The road was coated in filth, the bakery shop was grimed with black coal, the shoe shop smelled like slaughter house… everything was disturbingly dirty. 

1.3 British Cuisine

I remember it was the summer of 2013, I was obsessed with culinary reality shows like Hell’s Kitchen and Master Chef. Not only the food got me drooling over, but also the handsome and debonair English gentleman - Gordon Ramsay. His proficiency in cooking and the rigorousness in keeping up the food quality dawned on me. How did a Brit made such a huge success in the U.S.? 

Spring Summer 2014 Haute Couture Show Review Pt 2

Spring Summer 2014 Haute Couture Show Review pt1

Haute Couture shows, the ultimate showcases of designers’ imagination, are indisputably my must-watch during fashion week. Because of the bigger budget, all the amazing designers’ can wave their wand of imagination, and explore their maximum potential.

For this year’s SS couture show, I live-streamed the Dior, and Chanel (which are my absolute favorite coutures) show online, and also skimmed through Versace, and Elie Saab (which are two most contentious shows). What I absorbed from those four shows is that everything is modernizing, but in the meantime preservation of some old traditions is also crucial, otherwise no one would even recognize you anymore.

---- Alex S

1.2 British Music

As a music maniac, I have a lot to say about the ups and downs in British music.

It’s just like yesterday when I first heard the song “hey jude”; in fact I want to go back in time and recall the extreme euphoria that struck in my mind. The hopefulness of the lyrics, and the vulnerability of the melody moved me. As my adventure back to 60s and 70s goes on, more awesome British rock bands manifested, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones all “rocked” to my core. In fact, those songs carried me through my junior high, it was literally my musical remedy for the academic pressure.

Every Little Boy Dreams To Be a Prince

Well, when I was a little boy, I constantly heard from the girls in my kindergarden about the various princess from disney fairytales. It’s not a secret that all the little girls wants to be a princesses who married to a prince charming. Immersing from young girls’ irritating preaching; as a result, boys like me also dreamed that one day they can be that dashing princes who save their favorite girls from evil queens.

1.1 British Fashion

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London, as one of the four destinations of world’s fashion week, has predominated the fashion industry with it’s rebellious vision. In my opinion, there are two sides of British Fashion, one is the more traditional, and conventional type which is descended from its hundreds years of history; the other one is the more edgy, and daring type from the new generation of Londoners.

January Theme: British Invasion!

When I was pacing on the asphalt street to home, I looked up to the sky, unfortunately, I couldn't see anything because those somber clouds that was left after the rain carpeted the glare. As much as I love the the azure sky, cloudy day also appeal to me because it reminds me of the moody London climate. 

Who, Why, hoW? (an introduction)

Because of my studying in high school, I have to pause my blogging for a while and focus on my senior year. Now the first semester is finally over, I can go back to my blog and keep building my website. This 5 months of school is… what can I say… a hell of a mess, the stress of academic courses, and the pressure of university application are so nerve-wracking. 

But, despite on all that bullshit, now I finished my final exams, the next two months which are the winter break will be a fantastic ride. I have even planned out everyday’s schedule thoughtfully just to make sure it will be a relaxing, and at the same time, rewarding vacation. 

It is the first day of the long winter break, I expect my body would automatically slow down the pace, but I still woke up pretty early like usual. I’d rather do more chores than crawling in bed and do nothing. It's just me, more of a realist than a dreamer; however, I DO dream big, but I would dissect the big dream into several small pieces of objectives that are tangible.(I descended this from my mom)

My friends and family always know I am a super-organized person, I like to plan things ahead of the present because I hate the feeling of losing grip and being too spontaneous. Thus, I have also a clear objective towards this blog. Journaling is always my way to escape, I find it very captivating to criticize the reality. I had the norm of judging surroundings since I was 10; once my favorite white tennis shoes had a black stain on it, I trapped myself home and never goes out until I have washed it off, and dried it up. Maybe it's OCD, but for me it's my drive of life -- finding perfection. If there isn't any, I will spice it with my own opinions.

"Elysian Mind", (aka my mind), it’s going to be a place for me to express my quirky thoughts and whimsical ideas; but more importantly I want you guys to get to know me, and probably make friends with me. 

Hence, I will completely stripped down my shells, and open up my heart for my readers.
I will hold nothing back.
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