2.2 BANG by Marc Jacobs - "Fierce, Piercing, Captivating"

Recently, I’ve been baffling about purchasing a new cologne, because I ran out of my old one. From my previous posts, you can see that I am a big fan of traditional, proper, and vintage clothes, so for my perfume, I would usually choose a sophisticated, composed, traditional men’s perfume, like Burberry “London” which was the last one I used. It was a very understated, yet seductive scent which exactly rhymed with the spirit of London the city, and the plaid fabric around the bottle was quite a genius touch.

However, things were getting more dull and quite one-dimensional in my world, everything was old, vintage, but dusted. Reminiscing is great, but “fashion is all about looking forward” ,as Anna Wintour said. Therefore, I have decided to shake up my stereotype a bit by taking the first step — changing my fragrance.

Before I went into the department store, I had this vision in my head, this perfect cologne I was looking for. The scent must be very alluring, and even a little bit edgy; unlike the monotonous square bottle “London” had, my ideal new perfume should have a creative and slightly outrages bottle. It was so funny that seeking for the right perfume was like finding a lover, there are certain rules and restraints in your mind, and it’s hard to fit a person or a bottle of fragrance into the “box”. But if the “right one” shows up, you are going to fall in love instantly and irresistibly. Hence, finger crossed!

Suddenly, like a sliver bullet banging through a glass, the electrifying sense of the design of “Bang” by Marc Jacobs haunted me when I spotted it on the shelf. The silvery texture of the bottle looked like it was coming from outside of this planet. Then, when I tested the scent, it wowed me once again. It smelled like a confident, successful male, wearing shades and suits unapologetically in a cosmopolitan city like New York.

The visual and sensual bangs perfectly echoed the name of this fragrance “Bang”. More surprises came from the provocative poster of Bang. Alongside the counter, there is a huge promo poster of Marc Jacobs lying on a tinfoil and exposing his oiled nude with “Bang” right on his crotch. It’s so seductive, so sexy, so erotic; this campaign makes me want to be this fashion-forward rebel just like Marc.

Really, I have to confess it was a love at the first sight. But it will never happen if there wasn't the ingenuous design of the bottle, the captivating peppery scent, and the right method of advertising of “Bang”.

----------- Alex S.

Marc Jacobs posed nude for "BANG"
(Like his is going to go to be baked in an oven)

"Pepper has that kind of definitive hit"
as Marc explained, the scent of "Bang" really smells very peppery
because of the three different layers of peppers.

"Take something classy and BANG it" 
Marc talks about the inspiration behind the bottle design

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