3.2 Resort 2014 - Anchor Away

Nautical Chic, one of the great reinventions from Gabrielle Chanel, has reigned the resort (pre-spring) collection continuously for decades. This year, nonetheless, this trend became ever more prevalent, virtually every designer house’s 2014 resort collection(and most of the spring and summer ready-to-wear collection) is overwhelmed with the smell of the ocean. Here are two nautical elements in some of my favorite collections.

3.1 Nautical Chic: The Origin

Nautical chic is a truly timeless beauty, from early twentieth century to present, it has been invented and reinvented by many extraordinary fashion designers and fashionistas for decades. Literally, anything can last that long must have something phenomenal about it. Now, lets go back in time, and have a look on the transformation this perpetual trend.

March Theme: Nautical Chic

As an old but perpetual style, nautical trends has blown back to the public once more by the amazing 2014 spring and summer collections. Years ago, Mademoiselle Chanel saw a couple of sailors on shore wearing tees with blue and white stripes on; and transformed it into a wearable, yet fashionable womenswear. 

With the fleetingness of time, this stroke of genius is reincarnated in 2014’s spring trend. Utilizing the most essential colors of Nautical Chic — navy blue, and navy white. Several designers, such as Michael Kors, Raf Simons, or Diane Von Furstenberg, feature these two colors greatly in their collection; further accessorize with bags and sandals, it truly looks like the models are going to go on a holiday in Hampton.

To campaign this sailor look, a special guest/one of my best friend, Lucy Huang is willing to model for the big March photo shoot. (Finally, I don’t have to be the model); nonetheless, as the creative director, and the photographer now, I have more pressure on me since it’s my first time shooting a editorial photo shoot. 

There are two sets of ensembles in this shoot, the sailor stripes and the immaculate white. They are both carefully chosen with references to the actual designers’ spring collection. 

Thus, in the rest of March, I will be expanding this idea of Nautical Chic, discuss it’s history, it’s modern incarnation, and some approachable methods to incorporate it into your Spring looks.

So… stay tune, and enjoy the rest of the shoot.

Fashion Weeks Roundup

The four fashion weeks just had their grand finale days ago. I have been cramped all my crazy comments about this year's runway shows for so long. Thus, this is a roundup to everything I saw during this a couple of crazy-busy months.