Intro: Perfume

I had this weirdest dream last week. I was walking on the street of Paris in 1920s wearing the outfit straight from the cover of “Oliver Twist” - simply a flat cap, a suspender, and a dirty white shirt which was dampened by my sweat. The road was coated in filth, the bakery shop was grimed with black coal, the shoe shop smelled like slaughter house… everything was disturbingly dirty. 

1.3 British Cuisine

I remember it was the summer of 2013, I was obsessed with culinary reality shows like Hell’s Kitchen and Master Chef. Not only the food got me drooling over, but also the handsome and debonair English gentleman - Gordon Ramsay. His proficiency in cooking and the rigorousness in keeping up the food quality dawned on me. How did a Brit made such a huge success in the U.S.? 

Spring Summer 2014 Haute Couture Show Review Pt 2

Spring Summer 2014 Haute Couture Show Review pt1

Haute Couture shows, the ultimate showcases of designers’ imagination, are indisputably my must-watch during fashion week. Because of the bigger budget, all the amazing designers’ can wave their wand of imagination, and explore their maximum potential.

For this year’s SS couture show, I live-streamed the Dior, and Chanel (which are my absolute favorite coutures) show online, and also skimmed through Versace, and Elie Saab (which are two most contentious shows). What I absorbed from those four shows is that everything is modernizing, but in the meantime preservation of some old traditions is also crucial, otherwise no one would even recognize you anymore.

---- Alex S

1.2 British Music

As a music maniac, I have a lot to say about the ups and downs in British music.

It’s just like yesterday when I first heard the song “hey jude”; in fact I want to go back in time and recall the extreme euphoria that struck in my mind. The hopefulness of the lyrics, and the vulnerability of the melody moved me. As my adventure back to 60s and 70s goes on, more awesome British rock bands manifested, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones all “rocked” to my core. In fact, those songs carried me through my junior high, it was literally my musical remedy for the academic pressure.

Every Little Boy Dreams To Be a Prince

Well, when I was a little boy, I constantly heard from the girls in my kindergarden about the various princess from disney fairytales. It’s not a secret that all the little girls wants to be a princesses who married to a prince charming. Immersing from young girls’ irritating preaching; as a result, boys like me also dreamed that one day they can be that dashing princes who save their favorite girls from evil queens.

1.1 British Fashion

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London, as one of the four destinations of world’s fashion week, has predominated the fashion industry with it’s rebellious vision. In my opinion, there are two sides of British Fashion, one is the more traditional, and conventional type which is descended from its hundreds years of history; the other one is the more edgy, and daring type from the new generation of Londoners.

January Theme: British Invasion!

When I was pacing on the asphalt street to home, I looked up to the sky, unfortunately, I couldn't see anything because those somber clouds that was left after the rain carpeted the glare. As much as I love the the azure sky, cloudy day also appeal to me because it reminds me of the moody London climate. 

Who, Why, hoW? (an introduction)

Because of my studying in high school, I have to pause my blogging for a while and focus on my senior year. Now the first semester is finally over, I can go back to my blog and keep building my website. This 5 months of school is… what can I say… a hell of a mess, the stress of academic courses, and the pressure of university application are so nerve-wracking. 

But, despite on all that bullshit, now I finished my final exams, the next two months which are the winter break will be a fantastic ride. I have even planned out everyday’s schedule thoughtfully just to make sure it will be a relaxing, and at the same time, rewarding vacation. 

It is the first day of the long winter break, I expect my body would automatically slow down the pace, but I still woke up pretty early like usual. I’d rather do more chores than crawling in bed and do nothing. It's just me, more of a realist than a dreamer; however, I DO dream big, but I would dissect the big dream into several small pieces of objectives that are tangible.(I descended this from my mom)

My friends and family always know I am a super-organized person, I like to plan things ahead of the present because I hate the feeling of losing grip and being too spontaneous. Thus, I have also a clear objective towards this blog. Journaling is always my way to escape, I find it very captivating to criticize the reality. I had the norm of judging surroundings since I was 10; once my favorite white tennis shoes had a black stain on it, I trapped myself home and never goes out until I have washed it off, and dried it up. Maybe it's OCD, but for me it's my drive of life -- finding perfection. If there isn't any, I will spice it with my own opinions.

"Elysian Mind", (aka my mind), it’s going to be a place for me to express my quirky thoughts and whimsical ideas; but more importantly I want you guys to get to know me, and probably make friends with me. 

Hence, I will completely stripped down my shells, and open up my heart for my readers.
I will hold nothing back.
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