Intro: Perfume

I had this weirdest dream last week. I was walking on the street of Paris in 1920s wearing the outfit straight from the cover of “Oliver Twist” - simply a flat cap, a suspender, and a dirty white shirt which was dampened by my sweat. The road was coated in filth, the bakery shop was grimed with black coal, the shoe shop smelled like slaughter house… everything was disturbingly dirty. 

Just when I was hopelessly trying to get rid of the dirt on my pants, I saw a glare of silver lining. There was a veil of liquid sitting on the bench, it was some kind of yellow liquid contained in a crystal-like square bottle. I curiously picked it up, it said “Chanel No.5” on a piece of tag, but I had no idea what dose it mean. I, thereupon, opened the cap, and sprayed the liquid out. The drops wandered in the air and sparkled under the sunshine (though it was quite gloomy). Suddenly, an unfamiliar smell struck my sense, I smelled something magical, something utterly extraterrestrial, something very pleasant. I remember it felt like walking into a flowered garden, there were jasmine, rose, and a touch of orange blossom, as if I was abducted to a paradise. After a minute or so, the scent vanished, and the nasty reality was the only thing I had. 

Then I woke up.

How wonderful is that dream! Maybe is the “Oliver Twist” I read lately collided with the No.5 my mom just bought, the magic aroma of this fragrance is so magical. I’ve always have a huge addiction in perfume, every single one of them (except for the counterfeits) is a treat, an indulgence to my senses. 

I also love the variety of perfume, some are more seductive, some are  more innocent; some are more floral, some are more fruity; some are for men, some are for women. 

Moreover, I can definitely not resist the innovative design of the bottles, round, square, classic, or edgy. The fabulousness of perfume is enchanting, thus, I decided to use this month to honor this beautiful invention that profits the senses of human being — Perfume.

------------- Alex S.

Dior: Ja dore

Burberry: London

Taylor Swift: Wonderstruck

Lancome: Tresor

Flat Cap: H&M
Scarf: H&M
Sunnies: ZARA
Striped Oxford Shirt: Gap
Pants: Vintage
Shoes: Nike

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