2.4 Celebrity perfume - an essential on stardom

In 21st century, the definition of celebrity transformed into a brand. Right, just like a merchandise, celebrities themselves need reshaping, packaging, and marketing. To let more people know them, those household names started to sprawl their arms over other industries; one of the branches is Perfume. 

2.3 Best Gift to Your Lover or to Yourself - Perfumes for Him

2.3 Best Gift to Your Valentine or to Yourself - Perfumes For Her

“Valentine's Day is coming!”  This news might exhilarate the lovebirds, but also upset some lonely souls like me. Whether you are in love or not, perfume is a timeless gift for both yourself and your significant other. Based on research, nearly 50% of people would purchase perfumes on this day. Now, to get you ready for the big V, here are some recommendations for you; I am sure after viewing our professional suggestions, you will find the impeccable fragrancce that suits him/her like a glove.

2.2 BANG by Marc Jacobs - "Fierce, Piercing, Captivating"

Recently, I’ve been baffling about purchasing a new cologne, because I ran out of my old one. From my previous posts, you can see that I am a big fan of traditional, proper, and vintage clothes, so for my perfume, I would usually choose a sophisticated, composed, traditional men’s perfume, like Burberry “London” which was the last one I used. It was a very understated, yet seductive scent which exactly rhymed with the spirit of London the city, and the plaid fabric around the bottle was quite a genius touch.

2.1 Where It All Started - Chanel No.5

Indisputably the king of the perfumes, the supreme of them all, the masterpiece of Coco Chanel, it’s Chanel No.5.