January Theme: British Invasion!

When I was pacing on the asphalt street to home, I looked up to the sky, unfortunately, I couldn't see anything because those somber clouds that was left after the rain carpeted the glare. As much as I love the the azure sky, cloudy day also appeal to me because it reminds me of the moody London climate. 

Therefore, I started to enjoy the walk by closing my eyes and envision a typical London street, let’s just say it’s the dated Oxford Street. The aroma of the coffee shop besides, the flipping sound of newspapers, and the puddles I stepped on all aggregated in my mind. Just when I wanted to explore more British “mirage” and initiated my last sense - sight, I spotted this browned plane tree which was growing alongside the street, with the pure white sky as canvas, all the senses evoked my memories of the distinctive London street. Wow, so nostalgic!

Looked down on myself, the outfit I chose also enhanced my ecstasy. When the sky is gloomy, I unconsciously would go with something more British (now I know how much I am influenced by British culture). Today, I wore my brand-new Blue and Red oxford plaid shirt which I just bought a couple of days ago, and covered it with a SIGNATURE British vintage trench coat. To add a little more spice, I also put on a pair of burning red NB, and a futuristic shades. 

This is why I love British culture, it’s so respectable and elegant. To have a London spirit, you need to not only have a in-depth understanding of this lifestyle from every single aspects, but also become this modest and elegant British gentleman inside-out. Trust me, the transformation cannot be done in a couple of demeanor-learning lessons, or articulating British accent, it needs to be treated like it's your religion and fully commit to it.

I don’t fantasize about truly becoming a British gentleman, but I DO deeply respect this culture so much.  Hence, for the next month, I will be committed on addressing, interpreting, and promoting this splendid culture. 

The British Cultural Invasion is on!

------- Alex S.

Trench Coat: Vintage
Red & Blue Oxford Plaid Shirt: Gap
Pants: Gap
Shoes: New Balance
Sunglasses: H&M

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