Who, Why, hoW? (an introduction)

Because of my studying in high school, I have to pause my blogging for a while and focus on my senior year. Now the first semester is finally over, I can go back to my blog and keep building my website. This 5 months of school is… what can I say… a hell of a mess, the stress of academic courses, and the pressure of university application are so nerve-wracking. 

But, despite on all that bullshit, now I finished my final exams, the next two months which are the winter break will be a fantastic ride. I have even planned out everyday’s schedule thoughtfully just to make sure it will be a relaxing, and at the same time, rewarding vacation. 

It is the first day of the long winter break, I expect my body would automatically slow down the pace, but I still woke up pretty early like usual. I’d rather do more chores than crawling in bed and do nothing. It's just me, more of a realist than a dreamer; however, I DO dream big, but I would dissect the big dream into several small pieces of objectives that are tangible.(I descended this from my mom)

My friends and family always know I am a super-organized person, I like to plan things ahead of the present because I hate the feeling of losing grip and being too spontaneous. Thus, I have also a clear objective towards this blog. Journaling is always my way to escape, I find it very captivating to criticize the reality. I had the norm of judging surroundings since I was 10; once my favorite white tennis shoes had a black stain on it, I trapped myself home and never goes out until I have washed it off, and dried it up. Maybe it's OCD, but for me it's my drive of life -- finding perfection. If there isn't any, I will spice it with my own opinions.

"Elysian Mind", (aka my mind), it’s going to be a place for me to express my quirky thoughts and whimsical ideas; but more importantly I want you guys to get to know me, and probably make friends with me. 

Hence, I will completely stripped down my shells, and open up my heart for my readers.
I will hold nothing back.
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