Every Little Boy Dreams To Be a Prince

Well, when I was a little boy, I constantly heard from the girls in my kindergarden about the various princess from disney fairytales. It’s not a secret that all the little girls wants to be a princesses who married to a prince charming. Immersing from young girls’ irritating preaching; as a result, boys like me also dreamed that one day they can be that dashing princes who save their favorite girls from evil queens.

Therefore, Dolce & Gabbanna makes all the little boys’ dream come true by crowning them as the sicilian Norman king and his knights. To give respect to the root of D&G, and also to perpetuate the idea of sicilian lifestyle from the womenswear collection of 2014-15, Dolce&Gabbanna carried on the royal vibe throughout the menswear collection.

Instead of last season’s mediterranean island and exotic olive vines, runway show for 2014-15 men’s fall-winter is more stately like a medieval age castle with the noble’s portraits, armors, and thrones at the set. Moreover, the majesty is also reflected on the details of the garments; so here are some of the specialties of this collection.

First, the clothes vary in texture; bejeweled slippers, embellished gloves, and velvet suits, all pictured this excessively rich royal lifestyle. Meanwhile, the gilded, jeweled crowns and the embroidered, helmet-like knit also symbolize 11th century’s nobility in Norman Kingdom. 

Then, the prints are also very attractive and well-designed. Inspired by the history in Sicily, we can see the portraits of the king, the armor of knights, and the silhouette of byzantine architecture. All the prints are cleverly put and mirrored the culture of Sicily immaculately.

Besides, the pieces are also very wearable. Probably because of the unexpected frostiness in this winter, Dolce and many other designers implemented a lot more elements in their collection to insulate against the cold. For instance, there are more furs and knits in this D&G collection, fur coat, fur sleeves, knit cardigans, and even the helment-like scarf is knit. Because of the awareness of the coldness by the Dolce and Gabbanna, this collection is more wearable than ever.

Dolce not only gives boys (well, only the model on the show) a chance to fulfill their childhood dream, but also takes the spectators back to the 11th century Norman empire from a fashionable perspective. Hence, Dolce is one of my absolute favorite fashion show in this mens’ fall-winter fashion week.
 ----- Alex S.

The armors and thrones on the set

Model wears crown,jeweled slippers,and embellished gloves

Byzantine Architecture Prints

Fur Coat

Cardigan and knit scarf 
(ps.this model is so cute!)

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