#EMlifestyle: How to Live Like Miranda Kerr?

Glancing through Miranda Kerr's instagram account, I was so fascinated (and frankly a little bit jealous) by the spirited, and simply PERFECT lifestyle she has.

If we look closer behind this picture perfect life, it's actually not that hard to live like Miranda Kerr.
Here, I break down the life of Miranda into ten small lessons. 
When you achieve all of them, your life would be just as flawless as Miranda's.

#EMmusic: Gaga Goes Lady with the Help From Tony Bennett

      What a surprising Monday, especially in the music industry. When I watched "Today", and heard Gaga and Mr. Bennett announcing their new collaboration "Cheek to Check", I was not that convinced.

Miss Dior Exhibit - In My Opinion

If you follow Elysian Mind for a while, 
you may know that I recently paid a visit to Shanghai for a little #interfriendtion trip.
Before the trip, I have heard so many amazing compliments about this exhibition from my Shanghai friends, so I could not wait to discover the secret of Miss Dior myself.
And now, I am offering you a closer look at the exhibition; 
plus, a few random thoughts of my own after the visit.

#EMfashion Monthly Vogue Digestion: American Vogue August

A good magazine cover can tell a story;
but it takes tons of, millions of works from 
the sitting editors,
the photographers,
the models,
and even the celebrities
in order the capture the right moment.

This section is not only a place to critique the editorials,
but also a place to cherish the brilliant works done by those admirable people.
(And hopefully, I can become one of them)

Vogue Aug 2014 - Blake Lively

#EMtravel: Shanghai Photo Diary

Shanghai Day 3:
 Oriental Pearl Tower
Shanghai Urban Museum

Ray of light

A panorama view of the skyline from the center of Lujiazui.

#EMtravel: Hangzhou Photo Diary

Hangzhou Day 1:
Settling Down,
A walk to a very enigmatic and exotic street,
And a Japanese dinner.

Feeling overexcited, 
so I covered myself in black to tone myself down.

The View from my beautiful resort.

#EMfashion: Taylor Swift's Evolution

Maybe it was the VS fashion show performance last year, or the parting to Nashville, or the new haircut; Taylor Swift's style has also elevated into the next level.

Recently, I've been glancing through the paparazzi shots of Taylor. I am amazed by how much her personal style has changed when she is in New York. As if this city has glammed her up instantly. Cropped top, more skin, more flamboyant colors...Taylor literally turned NY into her runway. 

Every time, at the front of her apartment, paparazzi would wait faithfully for another comparatively shocking look.