#EMmusic: Gaga Goes Lady with the Help From Tony Bennett

      What a surprising Monday, especially in the music industry. When I watched "Today", and heard Gaga and Mr. Bennett announcing their new collaboration "Cheek to Check", I was not that convinced.

      I was, once, a Gaga superfan, and what impressed me the most about her is her electrical, pop voice. From debut album the Fame, to the third studio record - Artpop, pop music was incessantly her battlefield. Thus, this 180 degree converse was totally unforeseen. Plus, the fact that it just abruptly released on iTunes store was also too overwhelming. So I must certainly buy it and give it a go.

      After listen to the song "Anything Goes", my thought shifted. The female vocal in this song was so powerful and vibrant, I didn't even realize it was Gaga at one point. All of a sudden, it dawned on me -- I have heard this voice before. "The Lady Is a Tramp", the answer bursted right out of my mouth. This song was a track on Tony's record "Duet II", I still remembered the video which features Gaga with a head of green hair. Then, Gaga had a lot of performances and appearances with the legendary Tony Bennett in the past. So, a collaboration came out naturally.

Gaga and Tony in "The Lady is a Tramp"

      In the "Today Show", Gaga revealed her hidden infatuation with Jazz music. She said "I sang 'Orange Colored Sky' when I was 13 and only Tony knew about that". 

      This new song was definitely a show-stopper. With Gaga's unbelievable Jazz voice, and her 70s fashion going on, I bet "Cheek to Cheek" (9.23) will be a total success. 

"Cheek to Cheek" will come out September 23

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