#EMtravel: Hangzhou Photo Diary

Hangzhou Day 1:
Settling Down,
A walk to a very enigmatic and exotic street,
And a Japanese dinner.

Feeling overexcited, 
so I covered myself in black to tone myself down.

The View from my beautiful resort.

Hangzhou Day 2:
Visiting an old buddhist temple,
Mountain Climbing,
And cycling around West Lake.

I suppose I would see a lot of green today,
so I figure I will go blue to accentuate myself.

 Light blue shirt with my favorite round collar,
paired with a quirky blue pants and a pair of white Keds.

Shades of green

Have you seen a dragon hidden in the rocks?

How magnificent those architectures are!!
I am in awe!

West Lake was WAY bigger than I imagined, 
after the biking tour, I was literally fatigued.

Hangzhou Day 3:
and Leaving.

Looking forward to it...

I love that those designer houses infused the local architectural culture into the construction of their retail stores.
So smart!

Time elapsed so quickly, 
Three day trip ended in a blink of an eye.

This time, I am really feeling BLUE;
thus, denim shirt, light blue shorts, and azure espadrilles(which I got them from India, there are some voluptuous hand-painted blue patterns on them)

Last look at the gorgeous view from my resort on the mountain top.

However, Elysian Mind never stop,
The second part of my holiday trip (Shanghai) is coming really soon.

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