#EMlifestyle: How to Live Like Miranda Kerr?

Glancing through Miranda Kerr's instagram account, I was so fascinated (and frankly a little bit jealous) by the spirited, and simply PERFECT lifestyle she has.

If we look closer behind this picture perfect life, it's actually not that hard to live like Miranda Kerr.
Here, I break down the life of Miranda into ten small lessons. 
When you achieve all of them, your life would be just as flawless as Miranda's.

1. Read More

It's easy to find out Miranda loves reading book, she has even written two books herself. In her leisure time, we can always see her reading or sharing her favorite sentence from a book. 

Nowadays, people tend to do everything digitally, but keeping the habit of reading authentic books can offer you a peaceful state of mind in this neurotically fast-paced world.

2. Have your own business

Supermodel, best-selling author, beauty product founder, etc. Miranda truly is a woman with multiple hats on. Kerr has discarded the stereotypical impression of a being a supermodel, and genuinely became a super-mogul. 

Although Victorian era has long gone, but the role of the female was always inferior than the male's. They are expected to be quickly settled down in a family, and do nothing but household chores. However, Miranda proved to the world that a woman can both have a blissful family, and a successful career.

3. Enjoy quality time with family.

Everyone knows Miranda loves her son -- Flynn, who doesn't! She constantly instagrams the happy time of motherhood, which makes the world jealous of her perfect family of two. 

Meanwhile, she also flew back to her hometown Australia to visit her family once in a while. We can see from her photos, she is super close to her silver-haired granny. 

No matter how busy you are, don't forget the people who loves you unconditionally -- your family. So spend some quality time with them, they need your love.

4. Take good care of your skin

Skin is your initial cloth, and Miranda profoundly understands this idea. Thus, she takes care of her skin very carefully. Miranda never use any cosmetic that contains too much chemicals. Instead, everything is as organic as possible. Even her own beauty line KORA was dedicated to organic skin care.

Be responsible to your own skin, use more organic and natural beauty products; because only you can cherish yourself.

5. Listen to great music

Once in a while, Miranda would post a sceenshot of her iPod, and alway captions "great music". Not many people know about her love of music; as a matter of fact, she learned piano when she was young, and has an killer singing voice. 

Needless to say, the advantages of music is innumerable. So listen to a bit of music when you are bored, and escape to a another world of melodic imagination can spice things up a little.

6. Never stop exercising (yoga)

From an interview she did with Net-a-porter, Miranda shared the entire routine of her morning yoga session. I watched it over and over again, and eventually practiced it religiously every morning. It really works! My body became lighter, and my legs are looking fabulous right now.

Your body is a machine, it always needs you to move it around, otherwise it would rust very quickly. A rigorous workout routine can keep the "machine" moving, so it will perform well and look even nicer.

7. Travel the world

Although it's a part of the job as a model to travel around, a world-wide journey can really broaden your horizon. When Miranda goes to a different place, she likes to immerse herself into the local culture. See how cute she is in that Korean clothes!

Traveling itself might just be about sight-seeing, but when you get back home, the exotic culture will furnish a woman/man with a new glow, a new charisma. This charisma of exoticness and "proficiency in life" is another secret to keep yourself attractive.

8. Discover the beauty in the ordinary

Apart from the beautiful selfies she took on instagram, there are certain kind of cute photos that are quite negligible. Photos, like the three here, are just simple things in life. Miranda noticed the beauty of it, can captured it right away. 

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder". Try to slow down your pace, and treasure your surroundings; even the most trivial things can make your day.

9. Encourage yourself with inspiring quotes

Sometimes when life slapped you on the face, you just need a little pick me up; a quote can always be helpful. I don't know what Miranda feels when she posts these quotes, but I do know when I am having a bad feelings, I need some inspiring things to cheer me up. 

Even when you are not feeling anything in particular, great quotes can always inspire you so much. It gives you the positive energy you need for the day. And life is too short for distress, quotes can grant you optimism.

10. Surround yourself with love

Miranda is truly a lucky girl, she really has it all! The love from her family, her son, her friends, and even her dog. The best makeup for women in their 30s and 40s is LOVE. The permanent exposure to love can make you forget about any worries, and just enjoy being loved by everyone around you. 

Ohhhh! Finally, 
here are all 10 life lessons I learned from Miranda Kerr's instagram account. 
If you can live your life like this, 
I can guarantee you will be truly HAPPY.

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