#EMfashion: Taylor Swift's Evolution

Maybe it was the VS fashion show performance last year, or the parting to Nashville, or the new haircut; Taylor Swift's style has also elevated into the next level.

Recently, I've been glancing through the paparazzi shots of Taylor. I am amazed by how much her personal style has changed when she is in New York. As if this city has glammed her up instantly. Cropped top, more skin, more flamboyant colors...Taylor literally turned NY into her runway. 

Every time, at the front of her apartment, paparazzi would wait faithfully for another comparatively shocking look.

1. It must be the first time Taylor Swift wears a crop top to flaunt her newly worked-out abs. Very audacious choice for her if you look at her previous style.

2. A one-piece dress is no biggie for Taylor Swift to pull off, but one in this exuberant color must be another first for her; and styles with this pair of shoes, it's a revolution!

3. I have to say I barely recognize her from this pic. It doesn't look like her at all, it's more like an oscar winning actress for  me. Sultriness is usually Taylor's Achilles heel, nonetheless, it looks stunning on her.

4. The notorious New York heat surprisingly stripped Taylor Swift down. See the amount of skin in this look, I am in awe with the legs, the daily gym visit must paid off. 

This shocking style evolution of Taylor Swift might be a good thing because change is alway good; however, does it also marks the official farewell to her country root? 

Comment below to tell me your opinion on her fashion evolution! 

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