#EMfashion Monthly Vogue Digestion: American Vogue August

A good magazine cover can tell a story;
but it takes tons of, millions of works from 
the sitting editors,
the photographers,
the models,
and even the celebrities
in order the capture the right moment.

This section is not only a place to critique the editorials,
but also a place to cherish the brilliant works done by those admirable people.
(And hopefully, I can become one of them)

Vogue Aug 2014 - Blake Lively

         Adjacent to the breath-taking Rocky Mountain, Blake Lively euphorically lands on the cover of American Vogue again. This time, she has a lot more to offer than her sensational portrayal of the charismatic Serena in Gossip Girl (Last cover Feb, 2009). With her new marriage, new project (the blog - "preserve"), and even newer movie roles in the future, Lively has plenty to share with the readers.

    Okay, let's go back to the shoot. The storyline of this shoot is obviously the nomadic lifestyle of cowboys and indians. The photos are very Mario Testino, proofed by the vivid colors, strong narrative, and quite spontaneous. 

     From the fashion point of view, the best of the fall/winter collection are reinterpreted, and reassembled by sitting editor Tonne Goodman. As one of the very few American fashion editors at Vogue, Tonne Goodman's trademark is her taste on the traditional US culture. Thus, this photoshoot is a very identical Tonne Goodman's work.

To further dissect the fashion of this shoot, I discovered some inevitable trends that will happen in this winter.

1. Raw Textures
This fall and winter, more organic and natural textiles has remerged; for instance, leather, suede, mohair, and shearling. 

2. Fringed Details
Michael Kors fringed Suede coat, Marni fringed skirt...This winter, you will never go wrong with a touch of fringe details.

3. Belt it up!
If you give this shoot a closer look, you will easily find the common denominator -- Belt. It appeared nonstop on every single frame! It has to means something. (Vogue is never wrong)
Therefore, no matter what you have, a dress, a coat, or a skirt; just add a belt to cinch the look.

Photo Courtesy: Vogue.com

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