4.1 Arts on the Runway

Colors are essential for spring and summer, chromatic garments always have the magic to lighten up the whole look. In the past, designers tend to use flowers or geometric prints to retain the upbeat atmosphere in their SS collections. Surprisingly, what better way to incorporate colors in to fashion than artworks. The vibrant colors and abundant connotation behind the paintings are the best methods to evoke optimistic feelings for this spring. Designer houses like Chanel and Prada have sough this trend coming and iconoclastically embody it into their designs. 

4.0 Arts in Fashion

After watching the 2014 Spring/Summer collections in last October, a massive amount of artworks was fused in this season’s womenswear. Designers started to utilize garments as canvases and depict their artistic visions of spring and summer. In the SS ready-to-wear show by Chanel, the chromatic crepe dresses caught my eyes instantly. It’s like a color boom bursted on a white skirt, the color prints, the accentuation on the waist line, and the float of the dress impressed me. This is the reason why I put the Chanel girl on the banner on top, and why I used this April photo shoot to somehow duplicate the amazingness of Karl Lagergfeld.

3.3 Nautical Chic, you can have it too!

After seeing all the fabulous runway look of every designer house, nautical chic played an important role in the spring and resort collection. But, as a normal middle class housewife or a normal high school student like me, it’s hard to afford all the luxurious items. As a responsible fashion blogger, it’s not cool to not include some affordable tips to be nautical chic this spring. All the clothes I will recommend you are all reasonably priced high street brands. Let’s begin!

First, navy white and blue are irreplaceable in a nautical chic look. Shop around at HM or Zara, it’s not hard to find some great blue or white items. For instance, a pair of blue slim fit pencil pants or blue bell bottom. Don’t be afraid to try bell bottom this spring, any oversize pieces will  add a flare of carefree and casual vibe to your look which is very seductive. Spring is a season of shedding the layers, however, keeping a touch of oversize sweaters is a reminiscing of the winter time. Hence, shop those items girls! you need them!

H&M spring ad featuring the breton