4.1 Arts on the Runway

Colors are essential for spring and summer, chromatic garments always have the magic to lighten up the whole look. In the past, designers tend to use flowers or geometric prints to retain the upbeat atmosphere in their SS collections. Surprisingly, what better way to incorporate colors in to fashion than artworks. The vibrant colors and abundant connotation behind the paintings are the best methods to evoke optimistic feelings for this spring. Designer houses like Chanel and Prada have sough this trend coming and iconoclastically embody it into their designs. 

Strange Heads:

It’s not easy to wear an entire face on your dress, these sketched or pop-arted heads are the immaculate women in Miuccia Prada’s mind. Through this way, the arts in fashion can be preserved and be memorized.

Miu Miu
Maybe because they come from the same designer, Miu Miu also places a profile of the head on garments. The huge contrast between the camel colored coat and the viridescent boots also seems like an echo of it's parent - Prada.

Artistically Abstract:

Compare to the pop art of Prada, Celine’s art is more abstract and free. Brushes of black, green, and red insanely rendered on white shirts and pleat dresses. The bolder, the better, these brushes makes this collection even more alluring and energetic.

Karl Lagerfeld turned the Grand Palais into an enormous Chanel art gallery, the paintings and sculptures which are made by Lagerfeld himself, are hanging on every corner of the room. To accompany the artistic vibe of the room, models came out wearing dresses looks like the ninety’s fashion collided with a color chart; and the bricolage backpack, painting boards bags are perfectly coherent to the theme as well.

Picture Perfect:

I think I need to call the security, because Moschino has burglarized a great oil painting and directly stamps it onto a tee.

Dolce & Gabbana 
Similar to Moschino’s “criminal behavior”, Dolce depicts an imposing greek palace painting, and matches it with a Sicilian basket and sandals. The flower of arts had surreptitiously bloomed in D&G’s runway.

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