Summer Beach Necessity --- Cover-ups

Summer is, personally, my favorite season, because of the shorts, tees, and the beach.
Right! Who doesn't love the beach!?
Sun-tanning, swimming, and body-staring... the list of pros for the beach can go on.
So, as a fashion blogger, 
when I am lying on a bench at the beach, I am always observing;
not the hot bods, but the clothes people choose to wear

Cover-up is a hugely important part for a complete outfit at the beach. 
It's irresponsible to miss it out. 
Cover-up can not only cover your body when you are not in the water, but it also gives you a second layer of sunscreen. 

Here are four major types of cover-ups that are both stylish and convenient.

1. White Shirts 
I once read this article on (click to view the article). It talks about "the best looks come from the least effort", which is totally true. 
An oversize, boyfriend-ish white shirt can fully cover the majority of your skin, and also gives you a loose, carefree vibe. 

Alexander Wang Long sleeve shirt

Pair it with a head of tousled hair, sexy two-piece bikini inside, and a pair of Birkenstock would be perfect. 
Don't over accessorize it, keep it plain.

2. Cardigan
Who say cardigan is only for autumn? It would be absolutely cool if you wear it to a beach!
Because the weather on the coast is the most unpredictable of all, 
so, it's quite smart to bring a cardigan when you see the clouds are gathering.
It gives you warmth, and also makes you more mature and sensible.

Dolce & Gabbana floral cardigan

Pair it with a nice bun in the head, a one-piece swimsuit, and a pair of Espadrilles. 
And don't forget to bring a book to fit the book.

3. Scarf
As the most common beachside cover-up choice, you can still stand out with the way you use  that scarf.
First, the scarf should be about half of your body long, so that it can cover up your body
Then, invent some personal ways to wear them;
you can hang it on your shoulder, or wrap it around your hips.
Be spontaneous!

Christopher Kane floral print cashmere scarf

Pair it with ridiculously large hat, bikini, and sandals. 
Flaunt your sexiness.

4. Dress 
Some of the dresses in the spring collection is very light by using of new fabrics like silks.
Those dresses are fabulous for a day at the beach!
Wear it like a bathrobe outside your swimwear, but only the textile becomes lighter!
Often, those dresses tend to have ethnic and exotic prints, which add a sassiness to your outfit as well.

Etro printed silk shirt dress

Pair it with bandeau bikini, and heeled sandals.
You can easily tone down this outfit by changing the color of the dress into white or beige.
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