#EMmovie: The most unlikely trio, the most fabulous vengeance


       Because I've been marathoning Sex and the City, I seldom have time to enjoy my old summer ritual #MovieMonday. However, which ever picture that can temporarily cease my feverish infatuation over those four girls in New York City must be a strongly convincing masterpiece; and I am even more sure after I watched it, "The Other Woman" is one of the most hilarious irreverent comedy I've ever watched! (Yes, even better than Ted!!)

       First, I have to talk about the cast, they all did a fabulous job portraying their characters! Cameron Diaz, and Leslie Mann, BANG, they can just throw their names on a movie poster and do nothing, owning to the fact that world is fully aware of their professionalism. On the other hand, the surprises come from the silver screen debut of Kate Upton and Nicki Minaj. Kate's rendition of a stereotypical dumb blonde feels natural to me, because her incredible body might speak for herself. Plus, Nicki also proficiently became this office lady who dares to have her own opinion about relationship, and dares to wear different wigs to work everyday. 

       Besides, the plot is quite unique as well. When I watched halfway, and idea dawned on me: it reminds of Britney Spears' Womanizer video. Three hot women find out their lover/husband is a total womanizer, and team up for a final retaliation. Maybe it was the SATC I've been watching, lately I am all about girl power. Men look down on women all the time even they don't want to admit it themselves. But, if they really mess with the women, girlfriends would unite to fight back the ultimate vengeance.

      Don't forget it's a comedy, I don't want to be so moody already. I need to go back and rewind to catch up on some jokes I missed yesterday night. So, go download it, rent it, or go to watch it in the cinema yourself, it would totally worth your every penny. I've never laughed this hard since the first season of Big Bang Theory.

Girl Power! 

Nicki's debut role
(She nailed it)

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