Spring Summer 2014 Haute Couture Show Review pt1

Haute Couture shows, the ultimate showcases of designers’ imagination, are indisputably my must-watch during fashion week. Because of the bigger budget, all the amazing designers’ can wave their wand of imagination, and explore their maximum potential.

For this year’s SS couture show, I live-streamed the Dior, and Chanel (which are my absolute favorite coutures) show online, and also skimmed through Versace, and Elie Saab (which are two most contentious shows). What I absorbed from those four shows is that everything is modernizing, but in the meantime preservation of some old traditions is also crucial, otherwise no one would even recognize you anymore.

---- Alex S

Chanel - Quirky Girls 

No jewelry, no headpieces, no high heels, Karl Lagerfeld pushes the boundary again by redefining the restraint of couture. Models who wear high-end couture dresses with fanny pack and sneakers jump and skip down the stair like a bunch of kindergarden children. It freshen the rigid couture pieces up by adding this quirky vibe in to the runway. However, I think this mash-up  is a little too much, a couture girl never look pretty in a pair of sneakers. 

Luckily, Karl has not forgotten Chanel couture’s history, the signature tweed jackets and feathered dresses are still presented in this collection. Additionally, Chanel is also trying to advocate women to flaunt their waist by dressing the models in high tweed jacket and lower skirt. Therefore, the feminine silhouette of waist can be shown very provocatively and mesmerizingly. 

Couture girl with sneakers and fanny pack

Chanel loves to use feathers in Couture

Show the waist!

Dior — Simple, Classy, Modern

As one of the oldest couture family, Dior also tries to shake up the system a bit by putting some of the models in trainers and give this legendary brand a modern twist. Meanwhile, the architectural, hollow, cheese-like fabrics build up the ensemble look and make each dress looks like a Valentine Schlegel’s masterpiece. 

All in all, Dior plays a safe card by modernizing couture, but never forget the class, elegancy of the brand.

Very modern fabric!

See the shoes!

Let's have a close up! Trainers!

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