1.3 British Cuisine

I remember it was the summer of 2013, I was obsessed with culinary reality shows like Hell’s Kitchen and Master Chef. Not only the food got me drooling over, but also the handsome and debonair English gentleman - Gordon Ramsay. His proficiency in cooking and the rigorousness in keeping up the food quality dawned on me. How did a Brit made such a huge success in the U.S.? 

To find out how accomplished he was, I skimmed through some of the TV series he did about cooking. The more I watched, the more I fell in love with the British Cuisine he cooked. In the show, Ramsay conventionally put together some quintessential British meals like muffins, suss ages, and eggs; and also introduced various mash-ups between foreign cuisine to British traditional food like the Thai’s, Japan’s, and even Italian’s. Those cosmopolitan dishes were very audacious tries, but always boost up my appetite!

 The most impressive dish he has ever made was a typical British morning salad but spiced up with some asian hot chilies. First I was suspicious about the taste, because chillies are common in Chinese cuisine, but we always put them in a hot dish; ultimately, this is the first time I’ve ever seen anyone eats raw chillies. However, when I give it a try, I was totally “flabbergasted” by the ferocious flavor of this dish; my buds all caught up by the spiciness of the chillies, but eased down by the tropical fruits. It was purely ingenious!

Afterward, I could not get over with the awesomeness of cooking shows, so a google happened and the result was shocking. The amount of British cooking television shows are enormous, I watched some clips of them, the quality is ace as well. Some of the shows were really memorable because it touched different aspect of British cuisine. For instance, the show “Jamie at home” showcases the gardening life of the English; and the show “Paul Hollywood’s bread” exhibits the long history of British breads. 

The prosperity of British culinary programs proclaimed the edge of British cuisine; moreover, circulated British culture into the world. It’s a smart and effective method to advertise a country — by reign over the world’s taste buds!

------ Alex S.

This is the guy - Gordon Ramsay!
(A man can cook is the new sexy)

My favorite Chilly spice fruit salad
get the recipe - "Gordon Ramsay's Home Cooking S01E03"

"Jamie at Home" - A man living alone in a British Garden

Paul Hollywood's bread -- Bakery Genius!

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