Fashion Weeks Roundup

The four fashion weeks just had their grand finale days ago. I have been cramped all my crazy comments about this year's runway shows for so long. Thus, this is a roundup to everything I saw during this a couple of crazy-busy months. 

Marc Jacobs — On Cloud 9

It’s the first year Marc left LV and concentrated solely on his personal line - Marc Jacobs. The show is basically the grand finale to the entire NYFW, and it’s definitely a mistake to miss it. Models with slicked back hair wandering through pink and purple clouds as if they are magical fairies. Echo with the set, the garments are consistently flowing through the air. The most amazing piece is the one with layers and layers of transparent chiffon, the layers vary in colors; even give us the illusion of a jelly-fish drifting in the heart of an ocean. 

Must-have from Marc Jacobs
Thigh-high boots
THE pair of shoes that can enhance your body proportion, makes you look quite slim. However, if you are a petite girl, don’t think you can rock this look like the models. Think before you buy it.

Burberry Prorsum — Urban Gypsy
The wild tribal prints, the shouldered blanket, and the suede jacket all gives a gypsy vibe to the Burberry collection. Christopher Bailey transformed fall and winter in London to a wild jungle. Unusual floral water-paint prints are the emblems for each tribe; blankets give you the lazy and rudimental feeling; sheepskin jacket might also add a touch of wilderness, all elements depict a nomadic lifestyle concealed in London.

Must-haves from Burberry 2014 FW
The Bloomsbury bag
What item can make a bigger, bolder statement than this Bloomsbury bag? It’s uber-big volume which can fit absolutely everything into would be such a relief to your ever busy hands. Wild, tribal prints enhance your free-spirit perfectly.


2. The burberry blanket
At the end of the runway show, Cara Delegvine led all the models out with a initial-engraved blanket wrap on their shoulders. This comparatively odd style was immediately put into experiment by various fashion bloggers. Few day later, when Burberry’s showroom opened to public, this blanket virtually sold out in the blink of an eye.

Moschino — Junk Fashion
This season’s Moschino show is a gorgeous mess left by the collision of Chanel and American junks. By “junk”, I literally mean the real “junk”, junk food like McDonald; junk telly program like Spongebob. Jeremy Scott truly declared his Milanian perspective towards American culture; he quirkily mocked the rubbishes in US culture. In spite of the extravaganza pieces, some low-key bits of this collection is quite wearable as well.

Must-haves from Moschino 2014 FW
1. Moschino “M” iPhone 5 Case
Rumor has it, that each of the invitees has one “M” iPhone case in their gift bag. Thus, right after the show, all the celebrities and fashion elites put it on immediately, and proudly flaunt their iPhone through social networks. The other morning, it became an international sensation. Apparently everyone wants to be on trend; it has currently sold out Moschino’s website. (Thank god I ordered one right after the show, still shipping!!)

2. Spongebob dots trench coat
With spongebob’s dots on it, an ordinary trench coat instantly becomes way more interesting.  

Dior — Vibrant Fall

Colors are never welcomed in the history of Fall/Winter collection, however, Raf Simons incorporates massive amount of pop-out colors, and color blocking in his third Dior show. Coat is still a huge trend in this collection; uh-uh, they are not any black and white coats, they are pigmented with audaciously striking colors like yellow, red, or salmon pink. Moreover the color-blocking in each ensemble is brilliantly matched. Neon blue with rosy red; mustered yellow with girly pink, those color-blocking truly accentuate each other, and cast a spell to quickly terminate the dreary winter.

Must-haves from Dior 2014 FW
1. Newest edition of “Lady Dior” bag
To enhance the theme of color burst, Raf Simons gives a new incarnation to the signature Lady Dior bag. Minus the luxury embellishment on the older ones, add more colors to it, I am sure the new Lady Dior bag won’t be a disappointment to you.

2. Sporty heels
Dior wowed the world with putting trainers on Couture models. To consist this idea, this talented designer, again, incorporate the sole of a trainer into each elegant high heels. What a genius touch!

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