2.4 Celebrity perfume - an essential on stardom

In 21st century, the definition of celebrity transformed into a brand. Right, just like a merchandise, celebrities themselves need reshaping, packaging, and marketing. To let more people know them, those household names started to sprawl their arms over other industries; one of the branches is Perfume. 

It’s almost like another way to get access to celebrities; celebrity perfumes symbolize their scent. Fans would purchase them in order to get a glimpse of this whole-package, and get more intimate with their idols. In this star-struck age, it’s a smart way to collect not only money but reputation, whether it’s good or bad.

Reminiscing my middle school years, I was once a boy who got obsessed with pop singers like Madonna, Lady Gaga, and Rihanna. (Not that I don’t like them now, I am still quite a fan of them, but I learned to keep my sane) To show my endorsement to their business, I had garnered tons of records back then. (They are still lying on my shelf, frankly, I have a LOT of albums)

Once I opened “4” by Beyonce, a paper-thin perfume tester popped out. It was “Heat by Beyonce”, there is a promo picture of the fragrance on one side, a demonstration on the other. Like Alice discovering a rabbit hole, I curiously pealed the plastic off. The tester came out as well as the aroma. I was deeply captivated by the smell of it; very seductive, very provocative, very Beyonce. 

Thus, I started to buy more celebrity perfumes in department store. They are slightly cheaper than a designer fragrance, but the bottle, and the smell are not inferior at all. We can consider celebrity fragrance as an outlet of creativity for personality.

However, when I say “good quality”, I meant the majority of them. Some fragrances are very cheesy and reductive, because they are not necessarily made by a professional perfumer after all, so the smell might be rudimental in a bad way. 

Just as a reminder when you are going to purchase a celebrity perfume, go google for it’s review online, it can help to adjust your expectation. I personalty recommend you to go to— “Minnie Molly Reviews”, it’s a youtube channel concentrates on reviewing celebrity perfumes. She has a incredibly enormous perfume collection, so I am pretty sure you can find the celebrity perfume that you are going to buy in her channel. 

------- Alex S 

Here are some of my personal favorites:

Lady Gaga: Fame
The first ever black liquid perfume. Both the shape of the bottle and the smell depict the evilness of FAME.

Beyonce: Pulse
Coming from the beams of light, Pulse represent the electricity of femininity.

Madonna:Truth or Dare
Minicing her mother's favorite Jasmine scent, Madonna offers us her deepest love for her late mother.

Rihanna: Reb'l Fleur
Riri is such a little rebel, she gives her persona to this stiletto-like bottle of fragrance - elegant, but evil on the other side.

Sarah Jessica Parker: NYC
As the name card of NYC, SJP brought us this light and full of happiness perfume. It's a perfect representation of New Yorker.

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