2.3 Best Gift to Your Lover or to Yourself - Perfumes for Him

1. To Fashion-Forward Dude: Bang by Marc Jacobs

I am totally in love with this fragrance right now if you read my previous post. (See the previous article) The eye-catching bottle design is a little over the top, but it suits “fashion workers” just like me. The scent is very peppery, because the triple layers of peppers in it. Thus, it gives a kick to anyone who walk pass you. Not only your fashionable clothing, but also the smell that gives a sharp first impression.

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2. To Suit&Tie Elites: Legend by Montblanc

Passionate but soft; pure yet mysterious, the notes in this fragrance is pretty intricate. First smell it, French lavender is hiding behind the aroma of pineapple, sandalwoods, and tonka beans… “Legend” is modern, edgy, and very charismatic. The bottle design is filled with masculinity, the simplicity of the black and white exuberant an suited elite’s sheer confidence. 

1.7oz/$59      3.3/$75
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3. To sporty guy: Play by Givenchy

If you or your partner is a white-collar businessman who enjoys playing sport at his spare time, Givenchy Play would be the go-to cologne for him. Before hitting the gym, you can spray a few drops on his neck because the bergamot scent at the top gives a playful and fun vibe. What’s more, from my experience, the woody note in Play evokes chemistry reaction with men’s sweat after a workout, makes the smell more complex and virile.

1.7oz/$58     3.3oz/$77
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4. To debonair gentleman: Touch by Burberry

Woody and fresh are the top notes that hit my nose. The scent is very hard to define, it has floral, spicy, and woody scent, so altogether it’s like walking into Nordic Forest. The rawness and tranquility are major in this cologne. Furthermore, I think it’s the vital accessory for a nostalgic gentleman who likes to wear vintage clothing.

1.7oz/$60       3.3oz/$75
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5. To courageous adventurer: Voyage d’Hermes by Hermes

Traveling happens in two circumstances, one is a business trip, the other recreational sightseeing. However, whatever your occupation is, 9-5 job or freelancing, if you or your valentine happens to travel a lot from place to place, a gift like Voyage d’Hermes might be what he needs. Unlike other chart-topper fragrances, this cologne is more soft and natural due to its musky, amber smell, just like an spotless paradise on earth. Additionally, the shape of the bottle is like a pocket watch; it’s small and convenient, especially for a traveler.

1.2oz/$94    3.3oz/$132
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