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“Valentine's Day is coming!”  This news might exhilarate the lovebirds, but also upset some lonely souls like me. Whether you are in love or not, perfume is a timeless gift for both yourself and your significant other. Based on research, nearly 50% of people would purchase perfumes on this day. Now, to get you ready for the big V, here are some recommendations for you; I am sure after viewing our professional suggestions, you will find the impeccable fragrancce that suits him/her like a glove.

[For Her]

1. To Spirited Girlfriend: Taylor by Taylor Swift 

Fruity, floral and fresh are the first impressions when I first smell Taylor. The sweetness and the woodiness in the base balanced with the floral flavor at the top; all the scents merge and depict a picture of a young ingenue wearing floral print dresses and a headband dancing around which is an imitation of Taylor Swift. Therefore, this fragrance is my first choice when I give present to teenage girls. 

1.7 oz/$49.5       3.4oz/$50.5

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2. To Omnipotent Superwoman: Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel 

Just like Mademoiselle Chanel, this fragrance smells floral and sweet at first, but the base is more spicy and woody. It represents femininity and masculinity at the same time which is perfect for working moms. Those women juggle both work and family ingeniously, it’s a reward for them to receive this fragrance on Valentine.
1.7oz/$90  3.4oz/$120

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3. To Naughty Gal: Guilty Intense by Gucci

Does your girlfriend never play it safe? Dose your girlfriend like to have a little fun? Dose your girlfriend love surprises? Well, if she does, she is definitely not a "cutie doll", "naughty rebel" might suit her better. Then what she need is a little “Guilty”, the golden black bottle is extravagant and provocative; the amber, mandarin, and pepper in the scent sizzle with fire. Boys, if you gift your girlfriend with this, you might as well get lucky tonight!

1.6oz/$92      2.5oz/$112

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4. To Spotlight Diva: J’adore Dior 

The golden collar, the curve of the silhouette, and the extravagant of the smell all embody a fiercely-real diva — this is J’adore. This iconic Dior fragrance celebrates the ultimate dolce-vita lifestyle, and the proud of being a women. Rose, Jasmine, and Ylang-Ylang fuses together in a golden drop that provokes every women’s inner divas.

1.7oz/$90     3.4oz/$115

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5. To Sophisticated Wife: Opium by YSL

The scent of Opium is quite strong, and exotic. The incense and spices make Opium stand out from any mainstream fragrances. Moreover, the name of the perfume “Opium” references the eastern spiciness of the smell which conceals the message — “love me like an addiction”. This perfume is an immaculate gift for the older, more sophisticated women who is radiating mature sexiness.


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