3.2 Resort 2014 - Anchor Away

Nautical Chic, one of the great reinventions from Gabrielle Chanel, has reigned the resort (pre-spring) collection continuously for decades. This year, nonetheless, this trend became ever more prevalent, virtually every designer house’s 2014 resort collection(and most of the spring and summer ready-to-wear collection) is overwhelmed with the smell of the ocean. Here are two nautical elements in some of my favorite collections.

1. Breton Revive

Quintessentially, Breton represents nautical style; thus, in order to bring the carefree, casual vibe into the resort collection, designers revived the classic Breton into each look. For instance, Valentino brings the navy pinstripes to cardigan to add more textures; and build in red lines to make the top stand out. Moreover, Louis Vuitton also incorporates its own flare onto the old Breton. I am especially obsessed with the striped furry top. It’s very innovative and elegant at the same time. Spring sometimes can be chilly, so a light fur might be what you needed. Last but not least, designers like Diane von Furstenberg and Julie de Libran (women’s design director of LV) have a lot of fun playing with the width of pinstripe. Putting different width of pinstripes together to make an even bolder statement.

2. Naval Colors

Navy and white, the basic colors of Nautical Chic, are also relentlessly dominating the 2014 resort and spring collections. In Michael Kors, and Balmain’s spring collections, navy white is one of the fundamental colors of the show. White suit, white dress, white coat, white shirt, white sandals, everything is white to create the aura of a vacation on the beach. Navy blue also played a crucial part in Alexander Mcqueen, Marni, or LV’s resort collections. One ensemble I love the most is the navy suit. It’s common for a man to wear a navy suit, but in womenswear, it’s quite audacious, yet hugely successful.

“you can easily fit this collection into your purse, and go on a vacation to the beach”, claimed by Ms. von Furstenberg. This is the effortlessness of nautical chic items, easy, carefree, and on-the-go.

Photo Credit: Style.com

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