#EMtravel: Short but Sweet - Beijing Travel Diary

Beijing is a place I've been to too many times before.
Because of that, I decided to toss the typical Beijing route away 
( for instance: the Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, the Olympic Park, etc.) , and reckon this city in my own way.

1. Relics

The Summer Palace

        This was the resort built for Chinese emperors to bare the roasting summer of Beijing in Qing Dynasty. The architectures and the sceneries were kept in a fairly good condition. From the voluptuous boat house of the Empress, to the laborious faux-mountain, this palace was the living proof of the sumptuous lifestyle of Qing Dynasty, and indubitably a worthwhile place to visit.

2. Art

If you are a modern art lover, 798 is a place you would like to call on. This place used to be a factory in the 70s, but later deserted due to pollution problem. Thus, artists deem this place as an escape of the urban sedentariness, and found their niche there. 

3. Food

       I love "Let's Burger"! Ever since I stepped into this restaurant for the first time in 2013, it has been my duty to go eat every time I am in Beijing. These burgers are not the garbages you buy at McDonald, it's the authentic classy burger. And the flavors and choices are varied vastly, my favorite one is on the photo above - Avocado Beef Burger. It's my greatest satisfaction!

        You don't think I would only recommend you one American restaurantn from Beijing. Of course there are some amazing places for the Chinese special! One of them is Qing Feng. This place sells the most delicious homemade steamed buns in the world. See those little babies at the picture, this is the hearty comfort food in China.

Here are some other photos from the trip


Busy Street, Busy Life


Shades of Cool

      The End of the Trip, The Start of a Fabulous Life in Toronto

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