#EMmusic: Taylor Swift "Shakes" the "Country" Off.

I rarely wake up at 5 in the morning, especially during my summer vacation; I do so, only for the A-list things. Taylor Swift's Yahoo live stream could count as one of them. After the stream, frankly, it's pretty much an information overload.
Unlike other crazy, diehard fans that grieve for Swift's official departure of Country music; I was pretty rational about this new song - "Shake it Off". 

Yes, I have to admit that it's something she has never done before. Truthfully, it can easily be mistaken as a Katy Perry song, if you don't tell me who's the singer; due to it's uptempo rhythm, and encouraging message. But, Taylor Swift did explained why she wrote this song. Facing negative critiques constantly, she has learned to not let those words break her down. Thus, she choose to shake off the hassles and be optimistic.

Last time I watched Taylor Swift's live stream was in 2012, she premiered "We are never ever getting back together" on it. Quite frankly, I was immediately daunted by that song. Although I gradually accepted this new style of Taylor Swift, that live stream did came out as a shocker for me at first. This time, I feel like I am more prepared than back in 2012, my gut tells me the new song would definitely be a pop song. Therefore, I calmly accepted this even bolder image of Taylor Swift.

HOWEVER, the music video is what surprised me the most. I really don't enjoy the tweaking theme, and the "Lady Gaga" scene. 
Those frightened me!

Watch the video here: Shake It Off

"This album is the most cohesive record of my all, and the sound was deeply influenced by the late 80s" Swift addresses those words to her up-coming album "1989". I hope this record can be as good as her previous ones, in spite of her "Shaking off" her own country root.

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