#EMfashion: Hereditary Beauty


        The cover of September Issue has always been a smokeless war, it's an immense responsibility and honor to land on the cover of any September issue. As a result, the hottest celebrities or the most-welcomed models are invariably the common choices for cover girls. However, on the Harper's Bazaar's September cover, the casting is rather unorthodox. The cover girl - simply hearing the name "Emma Ferrer" doesn't ring a bell at all, but the way she looks did reminded me of someone. She looks a lot like my fashion icon - Audrey Hepburn to me.

     After reading the actual interview on harpersbazaar.com (click to read the story), I was astonished to find out that this familiar-looking girl is indeed Mrs. Hepburn's granddaughter! I was so shocked that I need to wear my glasses on to take another look on the article. Maybe this is the exact reaction Harper's Bazaar intended to provoke. 

     By looking closer, Emma Ferrer is deliberately challenging her grandmother's grace by dressing and posing like her. I have to say, they do look identical. However, Ferrer's interpretation has more masculinity and sassiness than her grandmother's. Despite the slight differences, Emma Ferrer well-inhereited Audrey's elegant look and feistiness in life. 
     This cover is also a claim that this 20-year-old celebrity offering is officially marching into the fashion industry as her grandmother did 50 years ago in Funny Face. And just like other celebrity relatives, she is "closer" to success professionally since the reputation and the heritable beauty of her grandmother. 
(Learn more about celebrity effect on modeling, go check out the article "Closer to success")


BTS story

The photographer of this shoot - Michael Avedon is the grandson of the fashion photography legend Richard Avedon. Richard and Audrey was very close back in the day. He did a lot of fashion editorials for Audrey in several magazines. Right now, their grandchildren are doing a shoot together again. It is such a beautiful coincident.

Audrey Hepburn and Richard Avedon

Emma Ferrer and Michael Avedon

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