#EMfashion: Atypical Fall Items


     From early this year's Fall/Winter fashion week, we can indubitably foresee the crazy mayhem of 2014's fall style. Since basically every designer choose to take risks on their collections, this venturesome idiosyncrasy reflects on the street and in each fashionistas' closet.

    So here are the four most peculiar yet hottest fall/winter items that I am seriously considering to purchase them. 

1. Blanket Coat from Burberry Prorsum

Who would forget the dramatic finale at the burberry show back in February, every model walked down the runway with a blanket hanging on their shoulders with their monograms on it. I was genuinely amazed by it. The blanket added just a little rawness to the whole "urban gypsy" theme. 

And so does every other fashion lovers; soon after the show, people rushed to pre-order the monogramed blanket. Therefore, in August when the weather starts to chill, celebrities like Suki Waterhouse, and Olivia Palermo have already shouldered the blankets with their names on it.

2. Mulberry Cara Delevingne Bags

     I was not that into this bag before my friend got it. The more he uses it, the more I like it. Backpack is the new "it bag" in fashion ever since Karl Lagerfeld's graffiti backpack at the 2014 Chanel spring collection. Thus, this Cara bag keeps the traditional mulberry design in the front, and edges it out by adding some personal touches by Cara. 

     I love a backpack, maybe because I am still a college student. It's just more convenient and more functional than others. If you are just an ordinary student who is under student loans and can barely afford the extortionate textbooks, an alternative way is to check out stores like Topshop or Zara, I've seen some of the duplicates inside.

3. Dior Fusion Sneakers

    Perpetuating the sporty silhouette of Dior's fall collection, another sneaker was majorly featured on the fall couture again. With the embellished, hand-stichted flowers, and vibrant colors, this pair of sneakers stands out from the ordinary. 

   To be honest, I think it beats out the sneakers from the Chanel fall collection. In spite it's a pair of trainers, the house of Dior keeps the elegance and the sophistication of the brand; on the other hand Chanel's sneakers are too eclectic and eccentric (if you don't understand what I mean, just look up some photos of them). 


4.  Petit Malle Bag from Louis Vuitton

      This is undeniably the "WOW factor" of the debut collection of Nicholas Ghesquiere at the house of LV. Ghesquiere is apt at construction and the simplicity of womenswear. So he brought his aesthetics onto this bag. It's a clear salute to the legendary Vuitton suitcases. This mini version is the perfect statement piece for an evening gown, or the extra detail to a normal daywear. 

All in all, it's versatile, and it's authentic to the brand.