#EMlifestyle: Harder is Better


               By courtesy of my beloved Nacia, I secretly got a chance to experience the high-end fitness center which I have talked about ever since I moved to Toronto - Hard Candy. This gym is not ordinary at all, it's immaculate combination of the two things I adore the most - fitness and Madonna. 

      Indeed, this gym is another masterpiece by Madonna. She is such a personal inspiration, frankly, she has more impact on me than my very own mother. Madonna is the woman who does it all, a recording artist, a movie director, an entrepreneur, a revolutionist, and above all she opens this sensational fitness centre to advocate her ideology on health and working-out. 

      Thus, with such respect and anticipation, my exercise began. First, my friend has booked me to the "Addicted to Sweat" madonna dance lesson. (Awww, how sweet!) This lesson was exactly the exercise Madonna herself would practice every other day. 
The workout involves chairs, towels, and connected by a series of dance moves. I almost felt like a professional Madonna backup dancer in the middle of the workout.

      The result really lived up to the tittle "Addicted to Sweat", my whole shirt was totally soaked in sweat, and my whole body restarted like a computer. (Although my body was sore like crazy on the next day, it proved that my body is reacting to the exercise)

      With fully equipped facilities, amazing panorama of the city, and the stunning design, Hard Candy can offer you the best exercise experience ever! Follow my lens, and take a tour at this spectacular fitness center:

Amazing Interior Design features Madonna's MDNA album photoshoot

A wall of Madonna screaming at you
"No Sweat, No Candy"

Best facility
It has every fitness equipment you can imagine

 Who doesn't want to go to a locker room that looks like this

There is me and Madonna, totally spent by Hard Candy

Thanks for reading! 
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