#EMtravel: La Isla Bonita (My 18th Birthday Party)


        I have planned this trip for over a month, and now, it really happened!

        I have heard nothing but compliments about this little island on the mighty Ontario Lake. For the sake of my 18th Birthday, I successfully dragged my friends to go on this escape with me!

         It was a nicely sunny day, but we have all noticed the steady arrival of autumn; therefore, a leather jacket is quite necessary. Just in case for the sudden coldness at the beach, I brought my favorite scarf with me as well. To go with the whole blackout look, a dark navy pants and my nike Roshe run trainers were also the first things that pop to my head. 

      "We are heading to a beautiful island? Why so gloomy??" I rhetorically asked myself. A splash of color is much needed in this ensemble, and who else is better at coloring than Jackson Pollock! 

 I always categorize myself as water, 

just like this liquid, 

I am "transparent", I can quickly change my "color" when I am in a different surrounding. 

I am "persevering" , no matter how steadfast the "rocks" in my road would be, I will always gracefully traverse them.

I am "ordinary", but secretly, I am nourishing everyone with myself, and nobody can sustain a life without me.

I'd rather be a drop of water on la Isla Bonita.

---- Alex.

This is the highlight of the day!
Wonderful Polaroid photo taken by Nacia Luo