My Reflection

I am an extremely nostalgic person, in a way this gifts me my interest in exploring history; but on the flip side, this makes me quite sentimental about absolutely everything in the past. Especially these few days, I don't know if it's my homesick, the anxiety of my first college finals, my post-exam overindulgent fun, or maybe the far-fetched frigidness of the Canadian Winter, a mix of deep-seated sentiments floods my thoughts everyday. When I was looking through my old photo back in September, this mixed feeling stroked me relentlessly. I was about to cry, and there is no rationale behind it. I can only blame it on me being too nostalgic.

I tried to analyze this feeling last night, and I finally figure it out why. At the instant I saw this picture, I relived the moment all over again; whether it's joy or sorrow. Then, when I found out I can't actually go back and undo things, this feeling of loss was what I fear the most.

Past is the past; one can never alter it.

It has been roughly a year since Elysian Mind crossed my mind. Throughout 2014, I pushed a lot of boundary (the boundary of a normal 18-year-old person) with this blog, and I am very proud of myself. From analyzing runway trends and organizing photoshoots, to instagramming and journaling, I can say I single-handedly brought this idea of mine into reality.

I owe a big apology to my readers and myself for not updating since November. University is no joke, especially during the exam weeks; I was tormented by the various assignments and exam-preps so I have to sacrifice my blogging time instead. I had a lot of ideas popped in my elysian mind that I truly want to compose them into an article, but I kept my priority in mind.

One can never rewrite the pass, but can certainly pave his own way to the future. In this next year, I would try to spare times for blogging, and even sometimes just an instagram update on my personally life would be more practical. So in 2015, expect less words and more photos, because a photo means a thousand words.

Moreover, I feel like I should be more intimate with my readers, so I figure I can share more of my true experience, and opinions. I think the way to gain a loyal readership is to be blatantly honest about me when I write. At last, I wish everyone to have a merry Christmas and a stellar new year. And don't forget to reflect upon your 2014, and set your own goal of 2015.

Here is a retrospect of my 2014:

January, 2014
British Invasion Photoshoot

February, 2014 

March, 2014
Nautical Chic Photoshoot

April, 2014
Arts in Fashion Photoshoot

May, 2014
I am graduated!

June, 2014
Start of my easy, breezy summer

July, 2014
Shanghai-Hangzhou with the girls

August, 2014
Quality time with family before departure

September, 2014
Start of something new

October, 2014
Season's greeting

November, 2014
Keep holding on like a Fighter

December, 2014
Nailed my first semester!

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